Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New lunchbox ideas for kids...the bento box.

Bento Box Basics
The traditional meaning of the word Bento comes from the Japanese culture meaning: a single portion takeout or home packed meal. Traditional bento's include rice, meat or fish, and a pickled or cooked vegetable. The root of Bento means convenience. Something that all parents strive to find!

The goal of a bento box is to provide a healthy lunch full of nutritious foods separated in appropriate portion sizes. When packing a bento box the focus should be on protein and whole grain rich foods as the main course. Fruits and vegetables should serve as compliments surrounding the protein and whole grain. Foods that are included in a bento box should be foods that are safe to eat at room temperature and do not require refrigeration. Whether you are looking for a new adventure in the lunch world check out a bento box. The concepts of a bento box are simple but full of bountiful imagination of culinary delights and can also provide a great presentation for leftovers!

For additional information on where to buy bento box supplies can be found on the Just Bento.com website.

Need help filling the bento boxes?
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