Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September challenge...growing a garden of herbs!

As an ambassador for Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution we are challenged with monthly tasks. Mostly these tasks are centered around raising awareness of real food. This month one of the three challenges is to start an herb garden. I love this idea because it has been many years since I have attempted the herb garden. I usually purchase the herbs at the grocery store and when I do I always regret the cost that goes into them. So I am going to take the challenge this month to grow a herb garden! Are you with me? It will be fun! Have the kids help by planting the seeds or seedlings. Have them draw out the full grown herb and most importantly have them include it in a fun recipe.
Here is a link they sent to provide recipe ideas and tips on growing herbs: http://www.epicurious.com/articlesguides/seasonalcooking/farmtotable/herbgardenrecipes
Happy growing and let us know what you grow and what recipes you enjoyed. I will keep you posted on ours.

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