Thursday, September 6, 2012

Stepping into September. What should you celebrate today?

I recently came across an article on a blog that discussed all the different days in September that are "designated" for a special food or issue. Sure we all have birthdays and holidays that are special to us but what about:

Macadamia Nut day (9/4)
Cheese pizza day (9/5)
Peanut day (9/13)
Eat a hoagie day (9/14)
Linguine day (9/15)
Guacamole day (9/16)
International banana festival day (9/21)
Better breakfast day (9/26)
Coffee day (9/29)
The really special foods get a whole week.
The second week of September is both Vegetarian Awareness week and Waffle week! Wow! Who knew?

As a nation we honor certain important events for an entire month. These events include:
Childhood Obesity awareness, cholesterol education, food safety education, chicken, mushrooms, papaya, potato, rice, whole grains and not to be forgotten wild rice. September is full of interesting events that can be formed from fun food recognition days,weeks and months. Just remember to make healthy choices and consult a Registered Dietitian if you have questions!

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