Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What is the cure for childhood obesity?

Obesity prevalent among youth. What is the cure?

Children today are being exposed to environmental chemicals, more processed foods and less physical activity resulting in 30% of our nations children being classified as obese or overweight. What is the cure for this obesity epidemic? Many nutrition professionals and physical activity experts have been working hard over the years to combat a solution. The solution seems to be a combination of multiple answers. First, increase physical activity in schools and at home life to at least 30 minutes everyday. Second, teach children about healthy nutrition choices and how to avoid refined, high sugar and salt containing foods. Third, work together as a team: schools, parents and health professionals. And lastly, regulate large corporations and fast food entities from marketing to the children. For more information seek out a nutrition expert (aka Registered Dietitians) in your area. Contact Brandi@ABCDEatRight.com for more information concerning the South Florida area. 
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