Thursday, November 8, 2012

Who will I write about next?

Day 8 of National Health Blog Month.

My father in law is an author, recently releasing his third novel. He wears a great shirt that says "Watch out you could end up as a character in my book". This shirt cracks me up because along with writing comes a power of creativity in which people can turn into good or even bad characters.
As a Registered Dietitian and mom I can't say that I have loads of creativity in my writing nor do I have good or evil characters. My focus is to be as professional and educational as possible. If I do add a story about my children, parents or husband it is usually used to show an experience or in some cases the humor in my life as a mom or practitioner. Sharing stories about my own experiences, I believe, makes me seem more down to earth and relate-able as a nutrition expert working with adults and kids. Some parents may be going through the same struggles and turning these struggles into a humorous or teaching lesson always makes a good story to remember!

A recently funny story about something that my son said at a Cub Scout meeting made me giggle. Prior to ever attending a cub scout meeting, usually my husband goes, my son told me that I did not need to bring "healthy snacks". When I attended the meeting I noticed the unhealthy spread of snacks and non-100% juices laid out. My son was elated. He is also becoming a very proficient reader but he encountered a product that I have never brought into the house. He ran over to me and said "Mom! They have HICK juice!!" When I read the juice box it was indeed Hi-C drink (no real juice there). It did make me laugh because he was so excited to be "getting away" with an unhealthy drink :) 

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