Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hilda Hide It (Sneaking nutrition into food)

I have often made attempts to sneak in a little extra flax seed, carrots, cheese or whatever I see could easily be hidden in a recipe without any notice. Hilda spends countless hours inventing new ways to add more nutrition to her food by sneaking it in.  The children may be getting the benefits of the extra nutrients added but they are not learning about healthy foods nor are they relating the taste to a healthy food. So what is Hilda really teaching her kids? It's OK to sneak stuff? This is a habit that I would highly recommend avoiding.
So what could Hilda do?
Hilda could start looking at what her kids are eating and showing them how good it is...the real food. Instead of referring to cookbooks that sneak in a little nutrients she should refer to cookbooks like Weelicious by Catherine McCord and The Mom 100 Cookbook by Katie Workman. She could also follow Weelicious and Prevention RD on FaceBook. These books and Facebook posts are full of healthy meal ideas and beautiful food photos that will give Hilda plenty of ideas and teaching tools to instill healthy habits to last a lifetime.
What do you think? Are you like Hilda? 

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