Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Erin the Enforcer of food

We have heard about Wanda and Betty but then there is Erin...she is a pretty demanding parent. Her rules are strict and firm. Children must clean their plate or there are consequences not related to food. There are tons of food rules and by all means no fun during meal times. With the age of eating disorders I am always a little leery with this type of parent feeding technique. I worry that children will learn to form an unrealistic relationship with food that will reflect upon their body image.

What should Erin do?

I say...let them have their fun with food. If it is a mess that Erin is worried about then let them at least play with their food virtually. I would recommend checking out the website: . This is a fun website for kids and can be entertaining as well as educational. Erin may also need to consider evaluating her eating patterns in order to be able to provide a healthy role model image to her kids.

What do you think? Are you like Erin?

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