Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Betty the Briber (food as reward and punishment)

Lucy and Wanda had different ways of dealing with feeding their kids so how does Betty the Briber measure up? Betty spends her days in constant negotiation concerning food. She uses food as rewards and punishments. She rewards her children with desserts when they eat their dinner, chocolate when they try a new food, and she even potty trained with candy. She is teaching her children not to enjoy the health benefits or the natural taste of food but that food should be eaten because there is a reward at the end.

What should Betty do to get out of bribing? 
Get more creative. We don't all have time to make a panda bear out of rice balls but the same amount of time that she spends bribing her kids she could use to change how they look at food. Make it fun, interesting and enticing. Here is an article written by another dietitian with some great suggestions on how to get kids to
 "Eat more fruits and vegetables without bribing or nagging". It is a definite must read for 36 really great suggestions.

Are you like Betty? What do you think?


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