Monday, January 21, 2013

Wanda the Whining Worrier

What type of parent feeding style do you have? We have talked about Lackadaisical Lucy and now we will talk about Wanda...always worried and always whining. 

Wanda is stressed all of the time. She worries about everything and especially what her children eat. She is considered a helicopter parent that is constantly hoovering over her kids. She counts calories, watches fats, reads labels but constantly complains that her children are not eating right. 

So what is Wanda so worried about?

In my opinion Wanda is possibly not as educated as she would like to be on the subject of nutrition. She lacks confidence and seeks approval from other parents in order to make her own decisions. This is normal, lets face it, we are all scared of messing up as parents in some shape or form. 

So what should Wanda do? 
She should talk to a trained professional about feeding her children (a Registered Dietitian, not an unlicensed unregistered nutritionist) to get the positive reinforcement that she needs. She needs to stop counting calories and focus on educating her children and herself. Wanda will succeed through the power of knowledge. 

What do you think? Are you like Wanda? 

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