Monday, June 24, 2013

Cauliflower Kids

I was never a big fan of cauliflower growing up. It may not be the most appealing looking vegetable but it is  rich in fiber, antioxidants and B vitamins which gives this vegetable a reason to reconsider offering it to the kids. My favorite way to prepare cauliflower is to chop the head into bite size pieces. Toss with 2- 3 teaspoons of olive oil and a pinch of sea salt. Roast the prepared cauliflower at 400 degrees for 40 minutes or until brown on top. I am not a huge advocate of adding salt to anybodies food because most foods have enough sodium and therefore there is not a need to add more but in this case the sea salt roasts with the cauliflower and heightens its delicious caramelized finish. 
I usually serve it as a side to pasta. If the kids don't want to eat it plain, they can dip it into their spaghetti sauce. 
Another way to serve roasted cauliflower is in place of popcorn. 

What are you making this week for the 
Kids in the Kitchen Challenge? 

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