Thursday, July 25, 2013

What is Moringa?

Have you every heard of Moringa? I love to hear about new plants or trees that have been around for hundreds of years but have yet to reach the modern world. Known for its abilities to help with malnutrition and hunger issues in other countries and is being studied concerning it's potential benefit for fighting hundreds of diseases from hypertension to cancer.

I was introduced to the Moringa tree in a powder and pill form produced by a company called Zija. The products that I received were given to me to promote endurance during workouts as well as weight reduction. I have also seen the product in a protein powder form to help those recovering from surgery or cancer treatment. The product tasted good and was an easy way to get in a great combination of vitamins, minerals and protein all in a little packet that you mix with water. 

This may be a long way from the original tea or powder form you might find in remote areas of South America or Africa but is a definite contender with the way our fast past society likes its quick and easy nutritional supplements. If you are looking for an herbal addition to you regimen that has been used for many years in other countries, take a look into Moringa. 

The Discovery Travel channel recently did a show about Moringa and you can watch the video by clicking on this link:
If you are interested in learning more about Moringa, click here

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