Friday, July 19, 2013

A Twist for a Cwist- Fun & FREE online educational challenges for kids

Nutrition can be fun...especially when it is in the form of a Cwist! 
What is a Cwist you ask? Well if you are looking to fill your summer and after school time with fun educational activities with a purpose then look into Cwist. 

How does it work?
1. Log on to and request an invite.Once you are invited you can set up your page. 
2. When you are ready to start a Cwist start by picking your age level.
3. Choose a purpose.
4. Choose a topic.
5. Choose a prize (Cwist is linked up to educational toy sites that a child can choose from and work towards).
6. Have fun watching your child spend hours learning new things 

And...don't forget to check out the nutrition related topics! 
Here is a list of the ones I wrote: 

Measuring up Nutrition
Alphabet Art
Beach Ball Nutrition
Farmers Market 
Food Safety Fun
Fruitmask writing challenge
Healthy Pizza Party
My Plate 
My Plate gets moving
Recipe makeover
Seed Math
Slow and Fast foods
Sugar Tracker
Grocery store scavenger hunt

Twist up your summertime routine with an exciting Cwist!
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