Monday, July 8, 2013

Hum Nutrition...humming a healthy tune with Registered Dietitians and making nutrition fun again

I recently was approached by a California based company to become a part to their nutrition team. This team full of Registered Dietitians, scientists and business professionals who promote nutrition supplements and healthy lifestyles was started a few months ago to reach out to adults needing sound nutrition advice from experts. 
In the past, I have not supported supplements, vitamins, minerals, herbals, smoothies, weight loss pills, gimmicks or fads. I have tried different ways of "playing with my food" in that I have been a vegetarian, vegan, gone raw, gluten free, a flexitarian and a Pescetarian. I have tried different vitamins and minerals and even considered a cleanse last December ( I never went through with it but I did purchase the boxes of the cleanse). I also have a confession...even as a nutrition professional, vitamin aisles give me anxiety attacks. There are so many bottles of things that are suppose to be good for you.. how do you really know? Can you trust the guy at the store to tell you what you need to know? Is he or she a nutrition expert? 
I may have tried different things only because I feel that it is important as a practitioner to experience and understand what my clients may go through, but I have never endorsed a product. As a Registered Dietitian I have worked hard to get to where I am in the professional world and feel that we are held at a higher ethical level than self proclaimed "nutritionists, wellness coaches, health advisers" etc. To me this is important to the professional world that I hold to the highest level of respect and gratitude. 

When I was approached by Hum, I have to say that I was impressed. I have never had a company approach me that had legitimate scientific backing. I like their products (And yes... I have tried them). I like that they use only Registered Dietitians across the nation (Rock on with their expert support). And not to mention, I like their new approach on age old problems that adults perceive to have in a fast paced society. 
They are organized, interesting and put a fun spin on the world of nutrition (traditionally nutrition is not perceived as the fun side of health). 
So if you are feeling tired, dull, unhealthy or just are thinking that maybe you might want to look at nutrition in a new non confusing light, check out their website: Hum Nutrition. You can take their 3 minute quiz to determine what you might need and then a real life nutrition expert (aka Registered Dietitian) will analyze your quiz and let you know what you may be missing. 

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P.S. I usually blog about children related issues. Hum is really only for adults for now! 

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