Monday, December 8, 2014

Are you planning on a healthy new year? Menu planning boxes are here!

Do you feel overwhelmed when deemed with the task of meal planning? Many of my clients did and quite honestly so do I at times. That is the reason I created "Take Out Recipes". I wanted an easy system that would help me plan, shop and prepare quick and healthy meals for my family and  my clients families. 

Here is how it works:
1. Pick 7 dinner cards to display in the clip magnets. 
2. Post the magnets on a magnetic board or refrigerator. 
3. Take the cards with you when shopping. 
4. Use the recipe cards, front and back to help prepare the quick meals. 

Encourage the family to help pick out new recipes. Some cards include: Eating out, steak night, pizza night and favorite family recipe night in order to make the cards more personalized. There are 7 breakfast ideas and 7 lunch box ideas to include in the system for a total for 30 cards!

Here is what you get: 7 clip magnets, 30 recipe cards, 1 display pocket magnet, a coupon for your next order and a Take Out Recipes, recipe box holder. 

Take Out Recipes have been around for over 10 years. This new design modernizes the recipe system as well as adds a colorful and easy display for the entire family to enjoy. 

Order yours today for only $35 + $5 shipping. More recipe cards will be out in February for an additional $20 per 30 cards. 

To order the extremely helpful Take Out Recipe box click here.

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