Thursday, December 4, 2014

Favorite Holiday snacks that have class, health and fun!

This year I wanted to do a "Frozen" theme for my daughters Kindergarten Holiday party. I did not want to go over the top Disney on them but wanted to hint a little bit here and there as Frozen is her absolute favorite movie! 
I also wanted to make the classroom party fun, but also healthy. 
Here are 8 healthy snack ideas that I came up with, some with a little influence from Pinterest, whose projects always seem to come out more perfect than mine but I still have fun being creative. 

1. Orange snowman ( We live in Florida and I can guarantee that the majority of kids have never built there own snowman but now they can with the states favorite fruit...the orange! )
2. Don't forget about the penguin fruit masks. Wrap up whole pears (my seasonal favorite) apples and oranges. To download the free link click here
3. Bananas with a message. The possibilities are endless when it comes to message writing on a banana. 

4. Frozen "cocoa" or really just frozen low fat chocolate milk.
5. Cheese sticks (the original ones that I saw had snowmen drawn on them and they were wrapped with a little scarf). Mine were not photo worthy, but you get the point. 
6. Popcorn "snow" . Draw a snowman face on a clear cup and presto you have a snowman. 

7. Frozen lemonade pops (Olaf loves summer right?)

8. "Do you want to build a snowman?" Trail mix. Give each child a bag of marshmallows, pretzel sticks, nuts, fruit rope cut in 3 pieces, chocolate chips and pumpkin seeds. Let them build there own and then munch on a healthy snack. 

Have a great holiday! May it be Healthy and Bright! 

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