Thursday, January 8, 2015

Do you Drop? A new scale and app from Apple that makes cooking a cinch!

I have never been a perfectionist, but I love to cook. Recipes sometimes seemed too binding and having an innate desire to make foods healthier, that is the Dietitian in me, I often end up substituting ingredients. Making precise measurements always seemed a little bit too much for me and I prefer to wing it at times. If you are like me, or if you have young kids who are learning how to cook, you are going to LOVE this new creation by Apple called Drop Kitchen

How do you get started? 
First you purchase the scale, which costs about $100. Then you download the "Get Drop" app to your iPad. Once the app is downloaded it will sync with the scale. Then you are able to browse the recipes, which are amazing. The layout is similar to Pinterest which entices you with beautiful pictures of the food you can create. Once you have chosen the recipe, you gather the ingredients then get started. 

Who can use it?
Our five year old daughter was able to use it and loved it. I loved it because I no longer needed measuring cups or spoons, which always add to the dish washing load. 

Cooking gadgets are always pure joy to me and my husband did an awesome job when he surprised me by purchasing Drop for my Christmas present. I see cooking almost like therapy. I recommend this app and scale, especially when baking with kids. Enjoy!

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