Saturday, September 17, 2011

Loveable Leftovers

The topic this week is leftovers! Leftovers aren't big winners in our house. I never understood why. We definitely feasted on leftovers for up to three days in my house growing up. This week my fellow colleague and friend Corynn Poirrier wrote an article about leftovers. I enjoyed reading Corynn's article about finding enjoyment from cooking again by recycling leftovers. I think I just haven't found my creative inspiration where leftovers are concerned. Then I began to wonder since there is such a focus on recycling and reusing nowadays maybe leftovers need a new name. Maybe this makeover of sorts and modernization of the name that appeals to my seventies yellow kitchen with orange flowers image would work to make my family more excited about reinventing leftovers. Maybe we should rename food that remains from a meal recyclables instead of leftovers. Just a thought. What will you recycle this week?

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