Tuesday, November 15, 2011


This past weekend we visited the local green market in Delray Beach. They have a new fruit and vegetable stand and it is amazing. The fruits and vegetables are not organic but they are local, coming from Homestead, which is not too far away.

For the first time ever I purchased fresh chickpeas. I did not even recognize them because they were still in the pod. Tonight I decided to prepare the chickpeas and cook them.

I took the chickpeas out of their pod (Olivia even helped de-pod a few which was super cute to watch). I boiled them then I made a quick easy hummus with olive oil, tahini and garlic.


What a fun experiment, albeit a bit time consuming. Fresh chickpeas definitely rule. So if you are in Delray Beach on Saturdays from 8-1 you must visit the fruit and vegetable stand. You can't miss them.

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