Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years resolutions anyone?

2012 is here! The holidays are finally behind us and the kids are headed back to school. So it's back to work and a good time to reflect on the holidays so that we can move on and make some changes for the next year.

I know our holidays were sprinkled with sweets and irregular eating habits galore. Grandfather even let the kids try Root Beer. Not my favorite sugar highlight by far.

The key for me this holiday season was to just enjoy my family and reorganize some of the aspects in my life that need improving on in order to improve our kids overall well being.

Getting started with my New Year's resolutions I am going to resolute to take small steps. Learning a new behaviour does not happen over night.

I also want to incorporate more vegetables into my children's diet. In the upcoming newsletters I am going to start posting more recipes with vegetables to not only motivate myself to incorporate these recipes into our routine but provide you with ideas as well. I plan on choosing one fruit or vegetable a week for my kids to try in different ways.

I also want to get back into working out more. Our kids received a basketball hoop for Christmas and it has been tons of fun for the whole family. Teaching the kids a new way to keep playing basketball, for example playing "Horse" will be a new challenge that I hope will keep them motivated.

So whatever you plan to work on for the new year may this year be your best ever!

In good health and happiness!

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