Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Teaching your kids to love their lunch!

Loving the Lunch box

A lunch can be packed with protein, calcium, whole grains, fruits and vegetables but if a child refuses to eat what is packed it doesn't benefit anyone. Here are a few tips on how to make the parent and the child happy!

1. Treat the lunchbox packing as a special activity that you do with your child. Have your child pick out healthy snacks that they would like to eat. Give them choices that you have determined are healthy additions.
2. Scavenger hunt for healthy snacks. At the beginning of the school year, and then once a month if possible, bring your child with you to the grocery store. Circle the perimeter of the grocery store to avoid the processed foods that lurk in the middle of the grocery store. Have them help find the list of foods that you have determined are good healthy choices.
3. Add some fun to the lunch box by cutting sandwiches into shapes and/or adding an encouraging note, picture or fun stickers.
4. Talk to your child often about what they like most about lunchtime. Get a feel for what they have eaten and what they have wasted.
5. Try and visit them at lunchtime to see what their friends are eating and get an idea of how your child is eating.

Kids have an innate desire to be strong and be in charge of their health. Learning to make good choices for their growing bodies empowers their self confidence. Smart choices at lunch lay a foundation for good decisions throughout the day.

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